Concerned about a Loose Vagina?

Vaginal problems are faced by most of the women nowadays. This is nothing but the loosening of the vulva and can be due to many different reasons like low diet, childbearing, lack of exercise, aging, obesity and also due to the strain caused while coughing, laughing or even sneezing. At the beginning, because of the busy schedules, women may not think about this as there won’t be any problem bothering them. Though this is certainly common in women, there are remedies to prevent it.

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Exercise or Yoga plays a major role. See that you exercise your pelvic muscles and also meditation is very good in healing all kinds of problems. Kegel exercises are the most popular and also the natural way of tightening the Vagina. Also squatting, another type of exercise, is good to tighten the elasticity of the muscles but squatting has to be performed under the guidance of a trainer. Performing yoga on a regular basis is enough for toning vaginal muscles. And also to add on, when you meditate, you are more likely to calm down your body and mind which gives you a relaxation which in turn can build up your appropriate hormone levels.


Another remedy is to consume good nutritious food. Include Vitamin C foods in your diet on a regular basis and also garlic, red chilies, yogurt in adequate quantities. Take good care of your vagina by keeping it clean as unclean vagina can lead to bacterial infection.


There are also some herbs used to heal. One such herb is the gooseberry. Gooseberries are known for its low calories and having antioxidant values, rich in Vitamin C. the intake of gooseberry is very good for health as it even fights against ageing. Boil the gooseberries and apply this watery solution near the vaginal area, it not only cleanses the place but will also tighten the muscles gradually. Other available herbs with the same effect are Oak gall and Pueraria Mirifica. These herbs are rich in astringent that help in increasing the elasticity of the muscles. Pueraria Mirifica also stabilizes estrogen levels to neutralize your hormone imbalances. Witch Hazel is another plant that contains phytoestrogen, phenols and tannin. Tannin is extremely important as it can tighten any skin and phenols are the major contributor to vaginal tightening.