5 Tips on How to Prepare For Breast Augmentation Surgery

Undergoing any cosmetic surgery requires more than mental readiness and physical prep. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are well prepared for the procedure before, during, and before to help you gain the best results.

Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for breast augmentation surgery.

Choose a Qualified Surgeon

Choose a surgeon that is board certified and has thorough experience in breast augmentation. Be sure to check out their previous clients and results to help you determine whether they are right for the job. Your surgeon must be able to discuss all aspects of the procedure, including the risks, precautions, and all that is needed to minimize risks and poor results.

Keep Surgical Technique in mind

Low revision rates are highly related to smooth surface implants. These are placed under the muscle of the lower breast folds. Be sure to avoid drains to help minimize infection and risk of contamination.

Follow Effective Message Exercises for Post Operation Implants

All patients are instructed to learn how to massage their implants during their first visit after the operation. The key is to perform these massage exercises every two hours for the first month after the procedure. The effective motion will help keep the scar tissue secure and minimize high risk of contracture.

Avoid Medication that Increases blood Pressure

As for any surgical procedure, the rule is to avoid any supplements three weeks before and after surgery, unless directed by your doctor. This is to avoid platelet stickiness that clogs holes in blood vessels.

Have a Strong Mental State of Mind

It is important to prepare not only the body but the mind before the surgery. Be sure to stay calm and stress-free prior to the surgery as this will play a strong role in the effects of the body.


It is important to keep in mind that you must have a thorough understanding with your doctor, especially in regards to recovery care. Through proper knowledge, organization, and care, you can expect a successful surgery and ideal results.